First Blog Post

I started my journey since 2012. Oh my how come you’re coming out just now. Excuse me darling. Although I haven’t started being a VA I’ve started earning like them. 🙂 Why? Because I followed the advice of my mentor. His advice doesn’t apply to just one career. It is practical and will really make you abundant if you will follow.

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Boron Letters Chapter 2

I felt like my father was actually talking to me as I was reading Chapter 2 of Boron Letters. I realized how sincere and how well written this letter was. How it moved me. How it convinced me to try the diet he mentioned. Like a small child being prompted to go on a diet […]

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Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps the most exciting thing to see is to see your inbox filled with messages letting you know that people have reached your purpose of helping them get/ attain what they want. I am excited more than ever as I have been mentored by two top Filipino Online Marketers. I have been trained by Jomar […]

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And so I skipped yesterday. Why? I also asked myself what had happened. I have found the reason behind it. Last night, my brother and I focused on getting an accommodation to stay to in Davao. We will treat our parents to visit one of the beautiful places in Davao city, Samal, Island. It is […]

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No. I didn’t put the title Close-Up for any tooth decay reason. I just  wanted to share my experience this morning. Well, as I am working in a Non Profit institution, it’s a very common scenario to be having visitors who would be looking around and would be taking videos. But today’s experience was different. […]

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2nd day

I wonder what to write here in my blog on my 2nd day of my brain exercise as recommended by Ian Lurie. I have nothing specific in my mind. I am excited though because my friend who is coming home from US will arrive tomorrow! I asked her to buy a book for me. A […]

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Up and About To Work

Up and About To Work. What am I saying? It’s nearly 9 PM and I am still wanting to work? I have committed to myself to type at least 30 minutes a day. According to the training given by Ian Lurie, it is very important to keep your brain working by allotting 30 minutes a […]

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