2nd day

I wonder what to write here in my blog on my 2nd day of my brain exercise as recommended by Ian Lurie. I have nothing specific in my mind. I am excited though because my friend who is coming home from US will arrive tomorrow! I asked her to buy a book for me. A book written by Robert Cialdini (Influence -The Psychology of Persuasion). I asked her to buy the two books that this author have written however one of which was unavailable. It was a blessing in disguise though because I became more driven to get a copy of this book. Unfortunately, the book Presuasion is not available in the country. You can only purchase it in Amazon and shipping might be more expensive than the price of the book plus the custom’s tax. I was considering an audio version of this to utilize the travel time I have heading to work and back home. This will also give me a routine of reading a book or two a month which will help me widen my knowledge and understanding.

Last Sunday, I decided to get hold of the audio version of Presuasion which was read by John Bedford Lloyd. His voice is nice to listen at. He is such a charm! In fact, I keep listening to it before I go to work and repeat the chapter heading home. I enjoy listening to the different studies made by experts and the effects of these studies to human behavior.

My biggest take away so far was when a company actually changed their website’s wallpaper to clouds which implied comfort and pennies which is perceived to be pertaining to being money wise. Those clients who saw the fluffy clouds, purchased items which were comfortable and didn’t consider the price of the item. While the group of people who saw the pennies wallpaper considered the price of the beds and not considered the comfort it may bring. This book opens the eyes of many sales persons and even educators. I, for one is an educator and I realized how essential it is to know how to approach people so that they’ll welcome your message.

Each chapter brings so much excitement in me that I didn’t want it to finish. I’m already nearing the end of chapter 8 and I will be listening to the same chapter tomorrow morning! This book drives me crazy. Crazy to start writing a copy. Enthusiastic to be of help to my clients. So delighted to bring changes in their businesses.





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