First Blog Post

I like how this first photo of my first blog has waters and sunset. Oh how I love sunset and waters! Did you know that I go to the waters at least 1-2 times a year? Yup. It’s a must. There must be a 5 day sandy vacation. I sometimes travel on my own or with few friends. I have also decided to travel to abroad at least once a year.

Anyhow, moving forward, I am ecstatic having started another blog. This will be diverse. Always. I am starting my journey again towards working online.

I have been using the right mindset and that’s why abundance has been chasing me.

Now, I have decided to pursue this endeavor. It’s like now or never. Why?

I have 100 reasons. You don’t want me to list them down. I have written them down and they are all pointing to Financial and Time Freedom. If I have those reasons, I will be able to spend more time with my parents who are practically growing old beautifully.

So how did I start?

I started my journey since 2012. Oh my how come you’re coming out just now. Excuse me darling. Although I haven’t started being a VA I’ve started earning like them. 🙂 Why? Because I followed the advice of my mentor. His advice doesn’t apply to just one career. It is practical and will really make you abundant if you will follow.

My mentor is the Philippines’ Online Marketing Guru, Jomar Hilario. A lot of people hate him for the reason that he is so mataray for a man. He is. He was and he will still be. Why? Because he wants to bring out the best in you. His mission? He wants Filipinos to stop leaving the country and start working online. Oo sa bahay. Pero ha, I’ve witnessed a lot of great stories that will open your eyes wide. Bakit? Kasi, they all succeeded as VA. DO search for the following people: Nina Mendoza, Nath Funchum Reyes, Diane dela Cruz, etc. Their mentor? Si Jomar. Yung mentor ko rin. 🙂

Now, I would like to widen my horizon. How? I need to explore the possibilities and apply all my learning to working online.  Oh by the way, I am a teacher in the elementary level. Yes, I am busy. I also have clients for tutorials. Oo busy talaga. This time, I will make things happen. Kaya nga name ng blog ko – Annestoppable. So I will tell you in my next blog, how my journey started. Yes mas detailed. Oo kasama yung course na kinuha ko kay Jomar. Abangan mo ‘yun ha? Heto na.

Today, I declare that 2017 will bring abundance to me in all aspects of my life and therefore will magnetized all positive thoughts, actions, great and generous clients and I also claim that the love of the Lord will shine on me.



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