And so I skipped yesterday. Why? I also asked myself what had happened. I have found the reason behind it.

Last night, my brother and I focused on getting an accommodation to stay to in Davao. We will treat our parents to visit one of the beautiful places in Davao city, Samal, Island. It is one of the cleanest in the South of the Philippines and we want our parents to experience this amazing province.

It excites me because this is one of my dreams. To bring our parents to different places at least once a year. We want them to relax and enjoy life. We want to bond with them too while they’re still strong and can still enjoy the scenic view.

We wanted to reserve a 5 star hotel however it is really expensive for us. I still hope that we’ll be able to get it and let them feel extra special on that special day.

Just thinking of getting a 5 star hotel for my parents make my heart jump in Joy. I’m sure, my heart’s desire will happen. I will lift this up to God and will find a way to also get an extra income. Again, it’s not enough to just want something and think about it daily. It is very important to actually do little steps to achieve the main goal.

I’m already in chapter 11 of Presuasion book. I have repeated it for 3 times already. I found the insights and research exciting. I am still on track in achieving my weekly goal. This is necessary for me to stay focus and determined. I always remind myself to think about the quality time that I could give to my family once I start my freelancing job and start being a Persuasion Scientist.




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