Road to Copy Writing

Road to copy writing is more than a career. It is also my path to a better me. I want time freedom, smart investing, a healthier me and closer relationship with my family.

I can’t be just writing these things. I must take action. That’s why this morning, I headed to a recollection (4 day session of reflection). My journey to spiritual detox is on. I’m on my second day and heard the big message “Never drop His call”.

Each one of us is called to do something great in this world and if we’ll quit nobody can ever fulfill it. It will be a regret and it will always bug you. The session ended with a big smile on my face knowing that I have a big God guiding me in every step of the way.

Moreover, I’m excited to start my journey to copy writing. My mentor have said it right. Write and write. After writing, write again. Today, tomorrow and the day after that I will consistent allot an hour of writing.

I have listened already to Robert Cialdini’s Presuasion as I bought an audio book last month. It made me understand how important it is to actually prepare yourself and your clients prior to selling an item. The audio book has been so helpful to me. I will be writing another post specifically for that.

I’ve also asked a friend from the US to buy me his book, Influence, which is needed for me to also understand how we can persuade people. This is already lined up in my books to read.

Currently, I’ve lined up Boron letter as part of my daily exercise for reading/ writing. I’m excited to share with you the learnings that I will have for each chapter so that you can learn with me.  My friend, Eloisa Constantino, who is a virtual assistant and podcast editor recommended this to me.

I can’t wait to start reading the Boron letters tonight. I just watched Gary Halbert’s direct mail seminar in Youtube yesterday and learned so much. He mentioned how important it is to personalized your letter to every customer you sent the letter to. No matter how many, customers must feel that you care just the same to each and everyone.

This reminds me also of the same note that my mentor, Jomar Hilario, explained in one of his webinars. Personalizing your message to your customers will make them feel important therefore they will retain as your customer and will probably recommend you to others as well.

I’ve realized how valuable Gary Halbert’s advice to us therefore when my friend recommended for me to read Boron letters I didn’t think twice as I have learned so much from the seminar he conducted in the 80’s and his advice are still gold up to this moment! I’m getting warmed up reading Boron letter in a bit!


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