The Road to Chapter 1 of Boron Letters

It is to my disbelief that the Chapter 1 of Boron Letters talked about the importance of road work. Road work as described by Gary Halbert in his letter pertains to one hour of non-stop running, jogging or walking. How can a future copy writing champion be reading this kind of letter as part of the training? Until after I have read the whole letter did I realize how pertinent this kind of information is. We need to train our body, our brain to work together. I believe it makes a lot of sense. It is beneficial.

The author, emphatically said that road work is needed upon waking up in the morning. He stressed out how important it is for the physical body to do some exercise because our brain gets pumped up. Allow me to quote Mr. Halbert about his thoughts on road works and its importance.

What happens when you do road work is that, after about forty minutes, your brain begins to secrete what some people refer to as “survival chemicals”. The names of these chemicals, as far as I know, are beta Endorphins and Norephinphrine. Some people say these chemicals are 200 times stronger than morphine and, in my opinion, the feeling you get is sort of like a good drug high except that the “high” is not artificial and you become zestful rather than speedy and, unlike a drug high, this is a high that is good for you.

How can you even say no when this expert is asking you to do something important. I think it’s an offer that is hard to resist and therefore, I will be starting this “road work” tomorrow. I have already made my weekly default schedule and it will really be a new challenge to take. I need to balance everything that I do. I need to have some humps along the way so that my brain won’t be complacent. It should always be ready for some changes.

Gary, helped me understand how I must make a good choice in the things that I do on a daily basis. I must learn how to prioritize. It was not blatantly mentioned in the letter however if you look closely in this part which I also quoted you’d understand.

If I seem to be going on and on about this it is because it is so important and it is something you can do right away!   And, actually, of everything I have learned about in my entire life, this stuff about doing road work the first thing in the morning is very close to being the most important thing of all.

In identifying the things that he must do, he always considered the importance and urgency of the task. This is something that he learned from Steven Covey’s “the four square lesson on life”, from the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Looking at the task at hand according to importance and urgency are some of the facts that we tend to overlook. Whether it’s personal or business, we still apply this principle as this will allow us to have a productive day.

This chapter made me understand 3 things:



Funny as it may seem however, the letter was pretty short but was powerfully written.


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