No. I didn’t put the title Close-Up for any tooth decay reason. I just  wanted to share my experience this morning.

Well, as I am working in a Non Profit institution, it’s a very common scenario to be having visitors who would be looking around and would be taking videos. But today’s experience was different.

I was oriented prior today that I’ll be part of the video. They stated that they will shoot a part in my class where in students are doing their PBL, some usual interactions etc. So, I prepared, as usual.

So they entered my class and I just went on with what I needed to do. They started shooting the scenes in my class. I was shocked but acted as if nothing was happening. I nearly kissed the camera. It was up close! Total close-up. It was challenging not to get affected by it but I have to keep going because I was literally teaching my students a topic and they were all eyes on me. Although they were also confused with how things were going. They couldn’t see me anymore as the camera was literally right in front of me. Covering me. My face. My expressions.

Moving forward, the topic I was teaching was already done. I was supposed to transition to my next activity. And lo and behold, I was literally directed to perform some tasks not needed for my lesson. It was funny cause I found how flexible I was having given a lot of caught off guard scenes.

The videography finally came to an end by asking the children to gather at the middle and we all had a selfie!

It was a fun experience for me and my students. However, I never realized how difficult it was to be performing right in front of the camera. SO kudos to media people!

That experience made me understand, how important it is to be flexible, passionate and enthusiastic in what you do. SO that even if changes would arise, you would be able to easily adapt and move forward!




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