Boron Letters Chapter 2

I felt like my father was actually talking to me as I was reading Chapter 2 of Boron Letters. I realized how sincere and how well written this letter was. How it moved me. How it convinced me to try the diet he mentioned.

Like a small child being prompted to go on a diet with a determined mind, I found myself doing it for two days already. It is indeed true. I can say, his message was clear and factual.

I am actually preparing my mind to follow the road work. An hour of running, jogging, or walking. For now, I started with the diet he instructed for his son to use.

The emphasis he put on health made sense to me. I am now starting my day the way he said it except for the road work as f yet and I quote

First of all, I believe that everybody who says breakfast is the most important meal of the day is dead wrong. In my opinion all you should eat before lunch is a couple pieces of fruit. Do you remember what I said to you in yesterday’s letter? I said you should eat a piece of fruit (preferably a banana) before you start your road work.
  Well, after your road work, in my judgement, what you should do is take a shower, clean up, and get dressed and get your day started. And then, some time after that, before lunch, you should eat another piece of fruit. Actually, you should eat three pieces of fruit every day (except when you fast) and I think you can’t miss with a banana, an apple or an orange. This way, you will get your potassium, your vitamin (and something called pectin, all of which is very good for you!).
I started it last Monday. I started my day with water and orange as I head to work. The scent of the orange gives me a refreshing feeling early in the morning. Also, it was also amazing that my tummy doesn’t really feel so hungry. I can bear it a bit more and eat rice during lunch and at night I’d have fruits like grapes or Banana. I felt lighter after few days. I felt the improved energy.  The clarity of my mind is totally awesome. I get to do a lot of tasks with better judgement and my mood becomes easier to handle.
I can’t wait to start doing the hard work by next week. This will allow me to manage my time better so I could sleep and wake up early and do other stuff I committed to do. This man is really an expert. Even if I didn’t get to see him, he made me come up with a decision. A decision to make a difference in my own life. A decision that will be done to my lifetime.
It was also interesting to know about Crackers, the Antelope Ground Squirrels. He showed how mean this animal is reading from this texts.
Anyway, Crackers had this cute little creature in his mouth and he brought it over to me and then dropped it. The critter just laid there. Then, after a little while, Crackers would bat it around a little with his front paws. After a while, the critter began to stir and then it tried to run away. Crackers caught it again in short order and began to repeat the whole process. What I mean is that he would carry it in his mouth and then drop it and then torment it until finally the poor thing had no fight left.
In relation to the real world, in my reflection, that sometimes no matter what you do there would be people who would be taking advantage of the opportunity that they have even if you’re unable to fight back.

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