Hyped up

I am so hyped up! I am so determined to achieve my goal and that is to finally work online as a copy writer and earn my target amount. This week, I have unlocked two certifications from Lynda.com. Yes, I am so proud of myself. I keep watching them even though I was already certified. […]

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Learning Copy Writing

When I was little, I wanted to sell. I wanted people listen to me and convince them to buy from me. I thought I wanted to become a promodizer, someone who demonstrates how to use a certain product in malls or supermarket. Later in life, I realized I wanted to write. I wanted to help […]

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First Blog Post

I started my journey since 2012. Oh my how come you’re coming out just now. Excuse me darling. Although I haven’t started being a VA I’ve started earning like them. 🙂 Why? Because I followed the advice of my mentor. His advice doesn’t apply to just one career. It is practical and will really make you abundant if you will follow.

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