Up and About To Work

Up and About To Work. What am I saying? It’s nearly 9 PM and I am still wanting to work?

I have committed to myself to type at least 30 minutes a day. According to the training given by Ian Lurie, it is very important to keep your brain working by allotting 30 minutes a day to exercise your writing skills. By doing it regularly, your brain gets used to thinking and coming up with ideas even if you’re already tired.

I am tired from work. I had three tutorials today after my 7-3 work. In fact while heading home I was really sluggish. I felt like I was going to fall asleep while driving. But since, here, I am, typing and excited, I must have this unstoppable behavior. Living up to my blog name, Annestoppable. I will no longer let my lack of taking action win. I am here to start over again and fight. Fight to start my online business and become successful by helping huge and generous company become more successful by creating engaging and appealing copy for them.

As my limited time keeps on ticking, I encouraged myself to keep moving. Focus on my weekly goals and pray for me to be given wisdom, determination and patience.

In my journey to success, I have found this in my inbox! 17148969_10154816733912559_1214425693_o

I know, I know. You must be saying, I can also do that! That’s just a piece of cake!

I am highlighting it because I’ve included this in my weekly goals and now look! Therefore, it is a milestone for me! Aside from my 30 min daily typing, I have decided to take at least 1 test in UpWork per week. This will allow me to expand my knowledge and skills. Therefore, I can better be of service to my clients and become a wealth magnetic for them and for myself as well.

Tomorrow will be another journey for me. Pray for me!



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