You Can Now Add Stickers on Your photos in Facebook

Facebook has now upgraded once more their sociability!

If you have noticed, you can now edit your photos in Facebook!

edit, fb
Editing your photo in Facebook

Yes! In fact, there are 5 ways to edit your photo to enhance the user’s experience.

1. You can now edit the filter your photo. Choose from Original, Vintage, Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter and Snow.

Using Filter to your photo adds more life to it.

2. You may also choose to tag your friends on the photo while editing. This will make your post more engaging!

Adding Tags to your photo

3. Behold, you can now crop your picture, rotate or turn it into a square photo.

Cropping your photo

4. What so interesting is that you can now add text to your photos and choose 3 font style. Furthermore, Facebook allows you to add one more font style by clicking the plus button.

Adding text to your photo

5. For me, the most exciting part is being able to add stickers on your post. Stickers can be adjusted in size and it’s position. See where your creativity juice will go. If you want things to be more interesting, download as many stickers as you want and just use the search option to specifically look for your liking. As for my example, I searched for hungry – so that stickers that pertain to the word hungry will appear.

Adding sticker/s to your photo

It is fun! Enjoy using Facebook! and Oh by the way, you can actually adjust the view of the picture while editing. You can minimize it and maximize too!

viewing your photo

and Oh don’t forget to Save it and post on Facebook so you and your friends will have something to engage in.

Adding Sticker to your Photo

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